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 Video Critiques

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PostSubject: Video Critiques   Video Critiques EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 10:50 pm

Subject: Video Reviews Today at 0:14
[WARNING: If you do not handle criticism well, turn away NOW.]

To find your review hit ctrl + f and type in your username and hit enter. Please try not to read other people's reviews so they have a little privacy to them. If you simply MUST read them all, then go ahead...

Also, I where it says video:[etc] Some of them I was too lazy to write out the full name of the video. So I renamed it xD Sorry!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!!! -Kitty

Video: The 6th Gate (Beta)

Caitlinnarrache's thoughts-I would never edit to this kind of song but to each their own. It started out actually rather well. But then a clip with credits on it appeared and...well that just takes away from the video so in the future I'd try and avoid it if I were you. The timing was good. Although at sometimes I was kind of confused about what was happening in the video because the footage didn't flow. One last note. The ending needs to be cleaned up a little lol

Dion101dixie's thoughts- The song choice didn't really fit with the anime. I would have picked a better choice in song. I can't edit with that kind of song, but that's just me. Overall, timing was really good and the effects were pretty decent. The ending, you had a NewblueFX watermark and that's what really made me irritated. Maybe trying to find a crack or keygen for the newbluefx would help. I can't stand that watermark. xD But overall, not the best song choice but overall it was pretty good. ^^

Video:Jealous Love

Caitlinnarrache's thoughts: The beginning, what's with the giant smiley face??????? o.0 It's slightly off-putting. I know it's up to personal taste but the watermark looks IN MY OPINION tacky. Maybe next time make the watermark barely visible but still there or make it flow with the rest of the video. The times when the video is shrunk to show the background[the rainbow//checkerboard] At those times it looks a little too plain. Maybe add a shadow to make it pop more? "I know i'm overeacting a bit" That part didn't flow with the rest of the video at all. I really loved how the footage matched the song so well. It made me smile(:

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: The beginning is very nice but the smiley face was awkward. Lol. The watermark seems a little big though, maybe try to make it smaller and a little less opaque. There's also a Funimation watermark. I suggest you trying to get another video episode/clip without the watermark. other than that the video is pretty nice. Other than those flaws and a few other small flaws I don't care to mention cause they probably don't really matter, but other than that I really enjoy the video.

Video:You're An Alien

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts:
Interesting choice for a crossover. There were some parts where the video just didn't flow. Err that is to say that the footage didn't match at times.
Your masking/Chroma Keying was well done. I would advice trying to find some footage that doesn't have any watermarks on. From 1:02-1:07 all my eyes are drawn to is the THREE different watermarks. It was very distracting. =/ But I did like 0:42-0:47. Definitely my favorite part.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Crossover, hmm, rare to get those. The video overall was pretty nice, although the watermark got really annoying cause there was like 3/4/5 watermarks. One including yours. And I had to watch it 2-3 times to see what the heck happened. But the clips were overall pretty nice, considering it was a crossover video. Some parts didn't fit with the song. But sometimes it happens. Very nice chroma keying by the way.


Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! The emotion in this video is so tangible! I totaly ship MisaxUsui but omg I feel so bad for Hinata now!! D: The poor guy... The flow was great. Didn't have a clue what the lyrics were xD But i love it nonetheless. The times where you have some video overlapping;Love the idea but sometimes it became too much to look at. Also your watermark. I'd make it a little bit smaller or more see through because my eyes drifted to it sometimes. Not something you would want happening for a video as emotional as this.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: First of all, I'd like to say NICE JOB! Although, there were a few overlay parts I didn't like too much. BUT THIS SONG MADE ME SO SAD! Good job with the song and couple parts! It was spot-on timing, show's a lot of appeal to this couple. Your watermark was a little big. Maybe making it a LITTLE bit smaller and a little less opaque? Other than that, I have no other problems with the video. Great job.

Video:Sanzo is Popular

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: It's not rendered in widescreen. This is one of my favorite songs though. You misspelled popular throughout the entire video. The backgrounds/effects you used [are basics], if used correctly can actually work but thowing them all together like that didn't work too well. [Trust me i've had my flops as well xD] Also, in the future if you audition for a studio. Make sure you don't send them a video you view as a fail. It shows that you don't have much confidence in your editing skills.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: The video was urm.. I didn't understand it. You used the effects well, Problem was it wasn't in widescreen, and that really counts off in the studio. The text is used too much. I see subtitles and it looks laggy, but other than that, it was pretty good.

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: I like how good at lip-synching you are. My concern is that...we edit AMVs and whatnot and this doesn't really show me your skills at editing AMVs. I mean you're obviously good at timing. But can you edit with effects What about RAW? This is RAW but it's not quite hte same thing.. =/ Just a few things i'm thinking about...

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Lovely video, although its mainly lip synching. Great timing too. But this may not be the right thing for MEPs, AMVs, etc etc. Its a really nice video! But personally I think I'd like to see more out of you like AMVs. You'd be excellent in a Lip Synching studio! I'd love to see your work in one of those studios! (Those actually exist.)


Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: At first I was like omg this is so sad...but as it went along, I was starting to get confused.... It has a very sweet feeling. And I love all the subtle effects you used. Although I would have chosen a different font for the text. Besides how confusing the order of the video is the flow was quite good.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Nice timing, video fits the song really well. Some of the font was really hard to read. But after a few times It was really enjoyable. I love clannad. Very nice choice. I might've done a few things differently but other than that.. Quite nice, I enjoyed it.

Video:Boy Like You

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: What's with the sound at the beginning? "something's finest" OMG BISHIES!!!! USUI!! Hitachin twins!!! *dies* The song cut was rather obvious... The checkerboard as the background as some points just...isn't that good. I would say something about the font choices but...I myself picture bad fonts for some of my vids. I like that there was a little bit of masking at times. The slow was alright.. It could be better. That dedicated to and editor stuff. I would do credits for that instead of including it as part of the main video.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: The flow was pretty nice. Although I noticed subtitles/text in the video and got really irritated by that. Some parts didn't seem to fit and was kinda off. I loved how you masked! NICE SONG CHOICE I LOVE THAT SONNGGGG >.<

Video: The Unknown.

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: Ooh I really like this one. I think it was because of the color splash effect. The flow was good! I would work on your color splash though because there are sometimes where the effect was rather sloppy. You have to be careful about color splashes to a video as slow as this. It gives the viewer a better chance to examine your effects. The more time they have for one clip the more they can examine and realize oh that's kinda weird looking..maybe i don't like it as much as i thought I did. Etc..

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Nice song choice. Nice color splash, although
it was messy at some parts. Other than that, nice. Good
flow. Pretty good effects, but the transitions kinda got
overloaded. some parts didn't fit. Nice job anyways.

Video: Tell Me Why

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: Omg i love the song choice! The effects really worked. Although the jerkiness of the the clips at 0:28 [Toradora!] it was kinda weird... I'm sure it was intended but eh.. Whenever the purple/white background is visible it looks kinda of plain for some reason though.... 1:24 until "right now!" it seems....awkward... 0:07 it's kinda hard to see the text for "why". The assortment of animes used was really good. The quality of the clips too! Nice.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Very nice work! Flow was great, masking was decent, Didn't overkill on effects and transitions. Good song choice. although, when some frames repeated, it looks laggy. Other than that, very nice work.


Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: Omg my eyes were just assaulted! Oh it's already over... Wait that wasn't the video!!!! o.0 OMG XD The flow was REALLY good. I love the quality of the clips too! Do I detect the use of a texture? I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Well, the video was... Colorful. xD WAIT. CRAP. WOW. Nice flow, great quality, nice timing. PRETTY TEXTURE! I enjoyed the video quite a lot. Nice job. I was impressed.

Video:Love game

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: The video was supposed to be at least 30 seconds BUT WHATEVER. I like the color choice. Lots of pictures though... It would have been nice if there was some video clips besides at the end.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: I love this song! the couple not so much. There's hardly any clips, and It kinda disappoints me. But its a nice flow and great timing. Good use in effects but some parts look a little laggy.

[/b]Video: Haruhi

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: The swirling looks weird. I like the song. The flow and timing were well done.I like the quality of the clips. The swirls are so confusing. It's very mellow..I don't really know what to say about this video really xD...

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Really nice video you made for your little sis. Good flow, good song. VERY NICE QUALITY! Although some parts were a little confusing. I'd like to see more of the video though.


Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: I love the remix of these two songs. Love it love it love it. The video flowed so well. It started out sort of soft and slow and then it
came to this high intense battle. That was really enjoyable. Something I did not like was how at 0:27 seconds some gun shot noises[???] came out of nowhere. It totally through the movement of the video off. You're captivated and then that goes off and it's like a rude awakening. There were sometimes that during the battle the clips were transitioning so quickly you at first couldn't see what was going on. It can't it...?YAOI!!!!!!! *fangirl squeel* [That's all I have to say about that xD] [If i'm wrong feel free to go Exacalibur on me//if you don't get the reference...I pity you]

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: The first part of the song was REALLY nice. VERY NICE song choice. It went REALLY well until about :29 seconds and an unexpected gunshot happened and scared the living shiz outta me. (Kinda awkward.) And the bad romance song+yaoi=OH MAMA MIA! +.+ But yes, that part was really nice. The video was EXCELLENT. Just the gunshot threw me off really badly.

Video:I'm not perfect

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: Oh that's where I got the idea for that effect from! Haha The effect for the first few seconds I used in one of my videos. Arigatou for the idea! Honestly, I loved this video so much. I don't really know anything to critique about it. Well I guess the contrast at 0:30 might have been too much but it did look good. The only other complaint was that it's too short D:

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Best video I have seen so far. (Which is only comparing to 2 other people. xD) I really like the effects. They fit the video very well! Although, like Caitlin said, the bad part about the video was the contrast part at around 30 seconds. Other than that, I can't complain too much about this one. Very well done.

Video:San Fran

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: I watched this a few days before you auditioned! xD The very beinning where "Tell me what you're waiting for" You can see the second column has the exact same words. I personally think it would have been cooler if the next lyrics had been in the second column. Also I loved all the candy effects but the pink stripes just looked so off..xD Love that you used Soul Eater though ] 0:05-0:09->I just love how that was done.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Very nice mix of videos! I really enjoyed it. There was a few things that I really didn't like, like 2 things or whatever, but other than that
I thought it was great. Very nice use of editing. I've seen your other videos, this one isn't your BEST. But still, good enough for me.

ShamanLacon [BenkeiGrave]
Video:Boys & Girls

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: I love it love it love The effects were well done!!
The ony thing is, at times the pictures up front made it REALLLY hard to see what was going on behind it. [Edit: I just noticed that the boys you used were the ones listed as possible character reps. haha]

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: AMAZING WORK! THE EFFECTS, THE TIMING, THE EVERYTHING! AMAZING! Even though some of the pictures took up a lot of space, other than that... LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Video:Sakura Stars

Caitlinnarrache's Thoughts: About time slow poke! DX Jk(: This look like it was just a remake of the opening....It's cute but I would have tried to incorporate more clips. And also at some times the video was lagging which is not a good thing to have. The quality of the clip was quite good though! And the background is adorable.

Dion101dixie's Thoughts: Are you serious this is your first video? It was really
nice for your first video! Although it was your first video and it was laggy in some parts, it was really nice and CUUTTE! I really enjoyed watching it! You have some potential if this is your first video.
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PostSubject: Reply :)   Video Critiques EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 11:01 pm

Umm.. yes it was actually my first video... (but i made this op thing with a cute picture that said "StarrBunnii Presents" that was a few seconds long.. but then i thought it was sorta stupid so i deleted it)

And the lagging.. sorry... it was the video converter's fault actually because some settings were wrong and i downloaded a lagging video to use for the clips.. but i fixed it now Smile hopefully it will work better..

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PostSubject: <33   Video Critiques EmptyWed Aug 17, 2011 11:34 am

Wow! My video was really good? ;A; Thanks soooo much <3! Really means alot ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Video Critiques   Video Critiques EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 7:51 am

I didnt expect such a good Critique for my video xD Thank you very much for your honesty. I will work even harder for the next amv ^-^
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Video Critiques
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